– Official Unveiling

That month sure flew by!

November was particularly busy, trying to fit things in around visiting family for the holidays. The biggest news, my website is finished and ready for display!

Been hard at work for that. Website is custom built by moi to be compatible across a range of browsers, using mainly standard CSS while avoiding table/frame layouts. There’s also an RSS feed to keep up with changes to the site, blog feed and my twitter which, up until now, I haven’t had a reason to use much. Let’s change that shall we ^_~ I’m a gabber if you get me goin’. Next up I’ll be adding ~much~ more to the portfolio/gallery section, what’s there is meant to populate the page with more to come now that the site itself is finished.

I’ll also be posting some work I did for the upcoming film “Imps” once I get some project files from other members of the team, so stay tuned!