Base 8: Head

Finally, we get to the head! I have a love-hate relationship with modeling this part of the body. It’s an incredibly rewarding, but incredibly tedious process. Once you lay the foundations though, it’s also a LOT of fun to play with, because with the same verts and edges you can create ~vastly~ different faces. Add in normal mapping and texturing, and one head model can easily last you a very long time, across a wide spectrum of styles, with just a little tweaking here and there. I’ll provide some detailed shots, as it’s fun to see how this changes over time. First, the bare minimum shape. If you could call it that. Looks like something from the Legaia days.

Next, cut in concentric loops for the eyes. They will later be edited and connected all over the place, but just like a sketch, I just need the general shape there for now. As you can see, I prefer to delete and re-draw edges then connect the verts like a puzzle, so I have more control over the final result.

Next, I cut out the mouth, and start to shape in the eye socket and prepare the bridge of the nose.