Base 13: Ears

Ironic this should end up step 13. I’m not a big fan of modeling ears. They’re a necessary evil, but they’re also incredibly complex. I’ve seen people call this part “easy with practice”, but it’s yet to feel that way for me. But then I’ve seen those same people complain about hands, which I love, so…it works out.

Step one, draw the ear loops, followed by step 2, lovingly titled: delete stuff.

Next, I chose to isolate the ear and work on it without the head. I’d attach it again later, but this way I don’t get boggled down trying to work around a transparent mesh, clicking and dragging the wrong verts accidentally and what not. I start pulling out the connective flesh and shaping the lobe.

Now to shape the ear a bit more, I add a loop to give me more edges to work with, push pull and connect a few things and…

Now it’s really just a matter of molding it like clay, now that the map is drawn, in a sense…

Finally, it’s reattached to the head. I pull out the lobe just a bit more later on, and pull the upper ear away from the head more, but otherwise it’s done.