Graduation wooooooooo!

As of today I am the very proud owner of a Bachelor’s of Science in Media Arts and Animation, wooooo!

I’m off to celebrate with a day of R&R and dinner with family. Tomorrow starts my journey into the working world but today I’m taking a much deserved mental break after 4 years of, albeit enjoyable, hard work. Though I admit, a part of me is going to miss being in school. I’m seriously considering the Master’s….but that’s something to think about another time.

Hope everyone’s having as great a day as I am!

EDIT – Oh! Forgot to mention, I’ll be uploading some artwork of the upcoming film short, and also have some potentially big news to announce soon involving another project. I’m going to wait though, don’t want to jinx it, but keep an eye out. It’s going to be amazing ^_~

Advertisements – Official Unveiling

That month sure flew by!

November was particularly busy, trying to fit things in around visiting family for the holidays. The biggest news, my website is finished and ready for display!

Been hard at work for that. Website is custom built by moi to be compatible across a range of browsers, using mainly standard CSS while avoiding table/frame layouts. There’s also an RSS feed to keep up with changes to the site, blog feed and my twitter which, up until now, I haven’t had a reason to use much. Let’s change that shall we ^_~ I’m a gabber if you get me goin’. Next up I’ll be adding ~much~ more to the portfolio/gallery section, what’s there is meant to populate the page with more to come now that the site itself is finished.

I’ll also be posting some work I did for the upcoming film “Imps” once I get some project files from other members of the team, so stay tuned!

Tragic Kingdom: Issun…kinda

Picture it….

Sitting, huddled in a blanket, surrounded by nachos, fingers about to dance across the keyboard as if composing a rousing concerto as I rig like a mad man!

….then a hurricane comes, creates a storm, launches a lightning bolt down at my little ol’ cottage atop a big tall mountain and BEWM goes my computer’s motherboard and power supply. And my life for the next 5 days. Sad as that is.

Silver lining is I got a newer, better computer out of it, but it’s set me back a bit progress-wise. Ah well. I’ve decided to post what I did today anyway, between the other stuff, as some have expressed an interest in the rigging portion of it all. From here on in, I will likely be taking a break from Issun and TK in general, as I’ve been asked to be part of a small animation project and will be dedicating myself to that entirely, and using whatever spare time I have to (finally) build that website I keep talking about.


Orienting the joints before parenting

Testing the IK handles for the leg animations.

I did warn it wasn’t much 😛 Busy busy busy. On another note, this rig when it’s finished will of course be a bit more in-depth than the first one, which was basically made for a specific pose, one not very demanding at that. I decided to start from scratch, because rigs tend to be fickle things when working backward. That and they’re fun to build ❤

On another note, I just realized I never posted a screenshot of the very low-poly model after the textures and normal mapping were applied:


Tragic Kingdom: Issun-Boshi 4 – Texture

This is part of the sculpt update, time just got the best of me yesterday. At this point, the base texturing is complete, though I’m still going back and forth on the possibility of camera close-ups on the face. It may be that heads get their own maps, haven’t completely decided yet. For now, I’m really happy with how these came out:

I’m working on a custom design for a tattoo sleeve now for the right arm and chest. That will eventually be part of the design, but I’ve never done one before so it might be a while before I settle on something I find pleasing. In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on rigging and animating most likely, and will also be getting started on a female base mesh which will then be incorporated into the designs of more characters to come.

The texturing took ~many~ hours of blending high-res photos of actual people with painting and compositing techniques for something realistic and attractive. I must admit though, while I’m happy with the results, I texture sort of begrudgingly; to me, models always look their best in gray.

Hey there’s a thought…a complete black & white aesthetic :O

Tragic Kingdom: Issun-Boshi 3 – Sculpt

Big ol’ update! The sculpt took a lot of time and I didn’t get to add as much detail as I’d have liked. My computer, as it turns out, can’t handle going above level 5 in Mudbox, out of memory errors galore. Fortunately I have a newer, stronger computer coming in soon, but in the meantime I’m pretty happy with the detail I pulled out of this guy at a medium resolution.

I toyed around with a few different ideas for musculature, but in the end I went for something more realistic and ‘attainable’ rather than comic book amounts of muscle and sinew. That’s never really been my preferred style….ironic since I still read and love comics.

Yes, I’m a geek.

Deluge! p2: Tragic Kingdom

A few people already know that I’ve been working on a concept for a game; writing out scripts, doing concept art, etc. Well, during my last class (Intro to Games) I decided to take the opportunity to begin developing assets for it. First, some concept work for the first two characters (and the mascots of the game), Big Bad and Little Red:

Red is mostly a WiP, I haven’t quite finished painting her yet or doing everything I want with the background. I won’t go into the storyline yet, but there are many more characters to come based off their original incarnations, which were much darker “fairy tales” than people are probably used to. Who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire a new rating system, complete with hate mail from the AFA! One can dream.

As I said, more characters to come. This house is one of the assets I developed in the games course, created from modular components that were then put back together inside the game engine. Even with an extremely low polycount, it’s amazing what you can do with some decent texture work. Took hours and hours and hours of blending sometimes dozens of textures together to make them unique, but it was worth it. It’s rather pretty for a burned-down, decrepit pit of bad memories. This is Cinderella’s house, by the way. She might’ve ‘snapped’ just a little bit.

The following are just a couple of the additional many assets made over the course of the class for the scene, with more to come, including the house (not yet textured, not sure I’m going to actually need it yet) modeled as pristine and new:

Side note, I took that ornate gate into Second Life just out of curiosity using their new polygon-compatible software. Single digit prims even when blown up to a large size, can you believe? I might have to start taking that thing seriously.

Cinderella, Issun-Boshi, Chi Li and Prince Charming are on the chopping block next, though I may try and get some modeling done on one of these guys before I get too heavy into the concept art for the whole crew.

Deluge! Part 1

Life moves to quickly for it’s own good. Need more time in the day!

So, lots of things to post, going to start with some of the internship work I did first since that’s several months old at this point, and I quite like it.  The internship took place during the pre-production phase of…something I’m not allowed to talk about :[ Or show anyone in its entirety. But I can show off a few things! Thanks to Drew Tolman of Beach Plum Media for the internship opportunity, and letting me post some assets to help develop the portfolio!

Concept artwork:

Above are different iterations of a ship that I did. The first above was the first submitted, however as this is a project aimed at children, it was gradually whittled down into something fun and easier to interpret. These are just the three nicest versions, there were tons of sketches done along the way that I won’t bother posting, but that’s definitely the running theme of everything seen here. The fun part of getting in on the pre-production phase was all the brainstorming that happened, felt great to be a part of that.

While doing that, I was simultaneously working on concept art for the characters, though the Princess and pirate crew are the only ones I’m allowed to post.  The third is what we ended up shooting for, one again something that’s “colorable” and aimed at a younger audience. I took her into Flash once I was done the sketch to clean up the linework a bit.

A few of the beats I worked on, essentially rough pre-pro thumbs of pieces of the story. There’s different iterations of the characters throughout, as we often worked ahead of the process while waiting for green lights on work submitted prior.

There was modeling and rigging work to be had, but unfortunately that involves the main character, who is still under NDA. Was great fun, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!