Base 3: Torso

Alright! I haven’t updated in a week or so but the progress has been steadily coming:

So, after working on the hand, I went and started working on the geometry of the trunk of the body. Should there be any who come to this blog and are fairly new to modeling, my workflow is a bit random. I sort of bounce all over the body. I’ll start working on one section, zoom out to see how it looks, then spot a portion of the body that screams for attention, and go work on that. So there’s no reason why I jumped from hand to torso, that’s just how it worked out.

Torso 1

The first thing I did was cut a loop into the mesh for the shoulder area, which will help to define the edge flow of the shoulder and arm later on. I also cut into the buttocks and looped around to the pelvis on the front of the trunk with the form of the body in mind. Later on, more edge-loops become necessary, but for now I was concentrated on the modeling.

Here I’ve started to better define the edge loops around the buttocks that will aid in deformations.

You can see how some of the edge loops went into further defining the musculature of the front of the torso, as well as the pelvis, hips and thigh. Below is a smoothed preview of the form so far.