Tragic Kingdom: Issun-Boshi 4 – Texture

This is part of the sculpt update, time just got the best of me yesterday. At this point, the base texturing is complete, though I’m still going back and forth on the possibility of camera close-ups on the face. It may be that heads get their own maps, haven’t completely decided yet. For now, I’m really happy with how these came out:

I’m working on a custom design for a tattoo sleeve now for the right arm and chest. That will eventually be part of the design, but I’ve never done one before so it might be a while before I settle on something I find pleasing. In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on rigging and animating most likely, and will also be getting started on a female base mesh which will then be incorporated into the designs of more characters to come.

The texturing took ~many~ hours of blending high-res photos of actual people with painting and compositing techniques for something realistic and attractive. I must admit though, while I’m happy with the results, I texture sort of begrudgingly; to me, models always look their best in gray.

Hey there’s a thought…a complete black & white aesthetic :O


Base 14: Completed Model + Count

And here’s the full model! I eventually played with him a bit more to tweak him for the final, recessed his forehead a bit and modeled some hair. Otherwise, here’s Kai!

Oh, almost forgot. I also took a look at the polycount and moved some things around to get it lower. What you see there in the upper right corner is the polycount of the subdivided, smoothed preview, so you’ll want to divide that by half to get the actual value: 1901 (roughly). Not too shabby at all. With proper normal mapping, the lower-poly version can look pretty close to that smoothed version without sacrificing on polycount. I generally use a subD proxy for general rendering instead, though.

Next, mapping and stuff.