Not dead!

Just a head’s up to those who’ve been following and keeping track with my work, my personal projects have had to take a backseat as I work on things that I can’t post quite yet, but will hopefully have rolling in the near future. I’ll also be setting up a storefront soon to fund a separate project, but more details on that in the future.

Consider this a time in transition, where a lot of things of happening but I can’t talk about any of them yet. Till then, going a bit dark!



Wow, has it been a month?

That December came and went almost before I had a chance to enjoy it! That aside, I really did. Ended up catching a bit of a cold, but was still a nice December. I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy their holidays as well.

In any case, it wasn’t all relaxing! In addition to getting commissioned to build a website for a rental company (yes, I do that, too), I’ve been doing a LOT of writing. Soon, I’ll be ready to share excerpts from my manuscript with you guys as I shop around for a publisher. Yes, I know self-publishing is all the rage these days, and that’s still an option, but I’m not convinced it’s the best one for a new author.

I’ve also been writing the dossiers for the characters from The Tragic Kingdom, the first 5 of which I’ll be ready to share soon after I’ve finished cleaning up the sketch of Snow White.

The last thing I shared was an imp, Mubjub, for an animation project, which relaxed production over the holidays and has since picked back up. The texture artists are just about done, and we’ll be getting ready to move into the rigging/animation stages here very soon. I’m excited to move these little guys around and get a feel for their personality.

Finally, I’ll be sending out resumes now that the holidays have come and gone. I expect a difficult road as I try to find the job that’s right for me, but it comes with the territory, and in the meantime I have plenty of my own projects to work on to stay busy.

Lots of things incoming, stay tuned! – Official Unveiling

That month sure flew by!

November was particularly busy, trying to fit things in around visiting family for the holidays. The biggest news, my website is finished and ready for display!

Been hard at work for that. Website is custom built by moi to be compatible across a range of browsers, using mainly standard CSS while avoiding table/frame layouts. There’s also an RSS feed to keep up with changes to the site, blog feed and my twitter which, up until now, I haven’t had a reason to use much. Let’s change that shall we ^_~ I’m a gabber if you get me goin’. Next up I’ll be adding ~much~ more to the portfolio/gallery section, what’s there is meant to populate the page with more to come now that the site itself is finished.

I’ll also be posting some work I did for the upcoming film “Imps” once I get some project files from other members of the team, so stay tuned!


Alright, so I haven’t updated in a while, and it’s not for lack of content. Incredibly busy at the moment! Right from a class demanding my full writing and research abilities, to SIGGRAPH 2012 for a week, then 30 hours worth of flight back home to get right back into two new classes that are no slouch on the work load! Though, I am looking forward to them. Intro to Games and Theories of Personality. Good stuff.


I’ll be updating either later today or tomorrow…or something…with some of the work I did on my internship for BPM and more information on SIGGRAPH. Met some really amazing, wonderful people out there, I’d go again in a heart beat. Following that I’ll upload the things I’m working on for the Games class…probably. Most likely. Still need to finish up the work on the website, too >_<


Need more hours in the day!


Hello everyone, I suppose this is the intro post. This blog is as much for me as it is others. Here I hope to display my work, as I work, both to record my experiences in hopes of learning from them and also to give others a chance to learn as well, both from my mistakes and my triumphs. Here you’ll find my work as a 3d modeler and animator, from concept to finish, as well as some tricks I learn along the way.

For more information about me, please visit my website at, or contact me directly at the e-mail below.



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