Deluge! Part 1

Life moves to quickly for it’s own good. Need more time in the day!

So, lots of things to post, going to start with some of the internship work I did first since that’s several months old at this point, and I quite like it.  The internship took place during the pre-production phase of…something I’m not allowed to talk about :[ Or show anyone in its entirety. But I can show off a few things! Thanks to Drew Tolman of Beach Plum Media for the internship opportunity, and letting me post some assets to help develop the portfolio!

Concept artwork:

Above are different iterations of a ship that I did. The first above was the first submitted, however as this is a project aimed at children, it was gradually whittled down into something fun and easier to interpret. These are just the three nicest versions, there were tons of sketches done along the way that I won’t bother posting, but that’s definitely the running theme of everything seen here. The fun part of getting in on the pre-production phase was all the brainstorming that happened, felt great to be a part of that.

While doing that, I was simultaneously working on concept art for the characters, though the Princess and pirate crew are the only ones I’m allowed to post.  The third is what we ended up shooting for, one again something that’s “colorable” and aimed at a younger audience. I took her into Flash once I was done the sketch to clean up the linework a bit.

A few of the beats I worked on, essentially rough pre-pro thumbs of pieces of the story. There’s different iterations of the characters throughout, as we often worked ahead of the process while waiting for green lights on work submitted prior.

There was modeling and rigging work to be had, but unfortunately that involves the main character, who is still under NDA. Was great fun, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


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