2d: WiP – Jennah/Anise vs. Kralkatorrik

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post anything I’m working on for the internship, so I thought I’d post something I’ve been sketching up in my spare time (what little I have). It’s only in the prelim stages, I’ll be sketching out the finer details and fixing some of the anatomy at this point, and potentially painting it afterward.

So, I happen to be a huge fan of Guild Wars 2 and Anet in general. In one of the companion books to the game, Edge of Destiny, Queen Jennah and Countess Anise try to use their uber Mesmer powah to invade the mind of Kralkatorrik, one of the elder dragons. It doesn’t go so well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it soon, but we’ll see. Back to work!


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