Thought I’d post some other things I’ve done in the past!

The following is a screencap of a character I was working on, an older man, sort of vampiric and demony. The background is a placeholder, I haven’t gotten around to giving him his own yet. I’m thinking I might just paint him one, it might look quite nice that way. I haven’t really decided, yet.

Next up, a more recent project. During my production classes, we all chose to do an animation short called Buns N’ Guns. Everyone was given specific roles, environment artist, concept artists, texture artists, etc. I was the character modeler of the class. There were three main characters, which are below. I managed to finish modeling them in time to help Animate 3 scenes as well, which is great. I love animating, I don’t always get to do it. Oddly, I don’t have screenshots of the Female alien anywhere, I need to go looking for her. In the meantime, the third shot is a scene from one of the parts I animated, and you can at least see her from the back for now.

That’s it for now. Eventually I’ll scour through all these folders and find more 3d stuff to plunker down here. I think I’ll post some 2d stuff next, though…


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