Base 9: Eyes

Now to flesh out the eyes more, since the edges and loops will radiate outward and influence the placement of the edges of the lips and nose. To start, I bring out the nose a little more, just enough to get an idea of the shape of the face.

Next, a NURBs sphere is added to create the eyeball, which the lid and socket will be shaped to. Here, you’re also seeing me use the ATP tool to create the tear duct, something often missing from modeling. It makes a difference, and prevents that annoying gap in the corner of the eye. You don’t need a lot of polygons to do it, contrary to what some believe, as both normal mapping and texture work, or both, can be used to create the illusion of detail and save on polycount.

And just to show how it looks on its own.

Sufficient, right? It’ll look even better once the eyelids are fully formed, which happens below.

The eyelids are extruded then shaped, then extruded once more inward to give the lids some thickness. This is about where you’d want to create eyelashes, if that’s what you are going for. For a male mesh, I didn’t bother, as a render that close-up would probably need a separate bust mesh.

And the eye is done. Mostly. I did some clean-up and shaping around the outer corner and temple area, but that was just pushing and pulling some verts.


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