Base 15: UV Mapping

While he’s not up for texturing as a base asset, I still want him UV mapped and ready to go. Each part of his body is isolated with a planar map, then connected where relevant in the UV window. While pelt mapping and other more automated tools are potential alternatives, I don’t feel they give me the control that comes with more manually dexterous methods when time allows.

Most if it is relatively straight-forward. The head tends to boggle some people though, so I’ve documented how I do it more carefully. First, I planar map each section separately: the face, the top of the head, the left and right side of the head/ears, the front of the neck, the left and right side of the neck.

Afterward, the UVs are stitched together so it’s one, flat piece.

Finally, the UVs are relaxed to provide even distribution of the UV Space. Notice the unavoidable seem is placed in the most inconspicuous area near the back top of the head, where hair is most likely to occupy and in the event of a bald style, where camera and shadow will obscure any potentially noticeable texture seams.

And here’s the final map.


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