Project: Base Male

Alright! So, here’s the project I’m working on now, so it’s a great way to start the blog. There are two characters to be modeled, here is the first one as I build him.

Kai: Step 1

I start off with a reference image and a box model of the head. I’m using a reference image from to help with the anatomy, as I’m going more for realism this time around. The head will later be detailed (I leave that for last) more to the specifications of the character I sketched out.

Kai: Step 2

Next I pull out the torso and shoulders. Normally at this point I don’t get too into the details, I’m just going for the overall silhouette. Once I’m happy with the body, I’ll begin to shape it up more.

Kai: Step 3

Okay so, I lied. I ended up playing with some verts on the torso ahead of time. The sharp edges were annoying me. I recommend people not get too wrapped up in those little details right away, though. It’s a lot like constantly trying to clean up a sketch as you go rather than being ‘loose’ and cleaning up at the end, which is better. Keep things simple and do everything in passes. But anyway, after giving the rib area a little more of a barrel shape to satisfy my OCD, I began pulling out and shaping the shoulder and arm more.

Kai: Step 4

Next I pull out the leg, and at this point I applied a smooth preview to see how it was looking. Satisfied, I took a break and came back to it a few hours later. It was at that point that I decided I wanted to try and get more detailed with the modeling than I normally do. Typically, I use a complication of bump, displacement and diffuse maps to create detail where there isn’t any, but I was curious to see how much of the anatomy I could create just from topology, as you’ll see further in. I figure, since I’ll be using this as a base mesh for other things, I may as well go the distance.


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